hardest decision of the day

what beads and silver to wear??


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it has been far too long since i've been here

i have been completely uninspired
have nothing to really say
my days are dull & quiet

but like an old friend, you're still here
always ready to listen

i close the chapter on three decades in a few weeks
i should be ecstatic about that
instead, this has been an extremely trying year
an extremely emotional year
a year of constant let downs
even when there are no expectations
a year full of negativity
a year full of family & friends treating me like shit
a year of dark
makes my heart ache

i have this constant feeling of being ungrounded
constantly feeling restless
like the needle skipping at the end of a record
repeat... repeat... repeat...

i'm ready to start a fresh new year

i have held my tongue long enough
i have been the polite good girl long enough
i have let too many people walk all over my feelings
i have let people get away with being rude & insincere to me 

its time
to come out of the dark
and start seeing the light again

watch out
for this fierce woman
who's kept quiet far too long...
she'll be back...  ;) 


when the lunch hour rolls around
it has been really hard deciding what to eat lately

the company i work for has a couple of gourmet cafeterias
and provide some really tasty options
but... usually have similar rotating menus
and is just too pricey to eat there every day

so i've been looking for easy & healthy recipes
that will provide more than one serving
so i can pack them up and enjoy them the next day, or two

all of the above look good to me! :)

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