there has been quite a bit going on lately...

lots, possibly too much, work
so much so, that it came home with me after my day at the office ended

to try and balance that, there has also been
lots of stillness
lots of tea drinking
lots of knitting
a little bit of yoga

and some other new things
i signed up for these two workshop/retreats

shop update!!

new items (finally) listed in the shop!!

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health and wellness

health & wellness
these have been two constant words for me lately

i thought i was making an effort last year
i renewed my yoga membership
i bought loads of veggies
surfed the internet for healthy recipes
browsed over loads of wellness sites

but never actually did anything...
never made it to yoga class
ended up throwing out spoiled veggies
rarely cooked
focused on lots of self negativity, and negativity in general
and didn't make any real changes to my lifestyle

but with my birthday, last month, being the start of a new year
i have, very slowly
been making changes

with rearranging my home
i now have dedicated a space to my health
my elliptical machine now awaits me
and my yoga mat is spread out waiting for some flow

i have started journaling again, freeing up my mind
practicing kindness and positivity
along with self positivity

before heading back to work on monday, i will be food shopping
so i can plan my meals and take healthier lunches
and have scheduled reminders to get away from the desk
and walk during my lunch hour

i guess small starts are better than not starting at all :)

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