i love to play with makeup
i won't leave the house without it
but i am definitely cautious about what i put on my skin
and how i take it off

i am a new fan of pacifica
their coconut water wipes are my new best friend
they even remove mascara and smell divine!
their body washes make my shower smell like some far away land
and their eye shadows and lip colors glide on so smooth

i'm kind of new to the entire josie maran line
and went completely overboard shopping there
argan oil is now my only moisturizer and the body butter.....  it lasts all day
i love using it in my hair, especially the radiance
and these definitely help unwind after a long work day and lots of traffic
i was sort of skeptical at first, since i already have oily skin
it hasn't made it any more oilier
but i do notice my make up lasting longer than usual

and lastly, bare minerals
i have been using their foundation and makeup for the last seven years
and will never look back
there is something in that make up... magic!
their foundation has helped heal my acne scars
evened my skin tone and brightened my overall look
since i started using it, i have never received so many compliments about my face
i have always struggled with acne and oily skin, so these are not my favorite topics of conversation

my beauty routine currently consists of
using the above products 
and washing my hair with this or this
i end my day with removing it all
and moisturizing again before bed

**images from here, here, and here

***these are my personal opinions and not a paid endorsement for any product


i have a strong need for being at home

i'm a homebody

but lately... 
work and life have really gotten me off balance
gotten in the way of relaxing
gotten in the way of crochet and knitting or creative time
gotten in the way of nurturing myself so i can actually keep up with work and life

this weekend though...
i lingered in bed long before getting out of it
lit candles and incense to fill each room with beautiful earthy scents
patchouli... sandalwood... eucalyptus
journaled and played with tarot cards
filled my fridge with healthy greens... fruits... veggies
sipped coffee... tea... wine

and it felt so good to just be... home

**image from here

just because

just because...

i bought some decking to spruce up my porch
and swept
and wiped everything down

...i have to do it all over again

we have had 4 days of showers
actually, there have been some good downpours at times
and some pretty strong winds

winter has waited until almost
the last minute to appear

either way, i've enjoyed it

gloomy days are the best
for crocheting
and making soup
or beef stews and sweet cornbread... made by my sister
and drinking lots of teas