i can't believe it's been 11 whole months
since i've posted here!

this year has brought
so many twists & turns. ups and downs
found voices. and lost feelings
heartache and soul healing
new friends, old friends
new offices
new apartment

something else... instagram!!
in all its good and loveliness
it has definitely stolen
vast amounts of online time
but i love it!

this morning, as i type this
it's cold, grey, windy & rainy outside
the perfect day!
i'm looking for a new mantra
& i know i can always count on
tiny devotions for inspiration

**image from tiny devotions

mantra of the year

this photo has been on my phone for quite some time

finally, here is my mantra for 2015:


hot meal

i admit it, i'm not a great cook
can't feed a crowd if my life depended on it

i do have a couple recipes passed down from my gramma to my mom
that i have learned to cook

adjusting to my tastes and (sometimes lack of) ingredients on hand
i made this!

it doesn't have a real name, but we have eaten it regularly since i can remember

macaroni & hamburger
-1/2 lb of ground hamburger (i used soy crumbles)
-1 1/2 cup elbow macaroni
-can of whole corn
-small can of tomato sauce
-2 cups of water

saute meat, at the same time brown macaroni using a tiny bit of oil in a pot.  once brown, add meat, tomato sauce & water to pot. simmer till macaroni is soft. add corn.  season with salt & oregano.  serve & enjoy :)

when i'm tired of sandwiches & salads for lunch, this is a great stand option!