mantra of the year

this photo has been on my phone for quite some time

finally, here is my mantra for 2015:


hot meal

i admit it, i'm not a great cook
can't feed a crowd if my life depended on it

i do have a couple recipes passed down from my gramma to my mom
that i have learned to cook

adjusting to my tastes and (sometimes lack of) ingredients on hand
i made this!

it doesn't have a real name, but we have eaten it regularly since i can remember

macaroni & hamburger
-1/2 lb of ground hamburger (i used soy crumbles)
-1 1/2 cup elbow macaroni
-can of whole corn
-small can of tomato sauce
-2 cups of water

saute meat, at the same time brown macaroni using a tiny bit of oil in a pot.  once brown, add meat, tomato sauce & water to pot. simmer till macaroni is soft. add corn.  season with salt & oregano.  serve & enjoy :)

when i'm tired of sandwiches & salads for lunch, this is a great stand option!

gratitude sunday

today i'm grateful for::

warm sunny days - in winter!!
a 2-hour lunch that a dear friend & i managed to take
having a stash of teas to keep me healthy