desert inspiration

i recently went to yuma, az 
tagged along with my dad as he had 
some 'work' out there
...if you call hanging out with your friends
to judge a welding competition work... then ok! :)
(and yes, i'm jealous that is part of his real job)

after i dropped him off
i drove around for a bit
and ended up in
downtown yuma

it wasn't too hot, actually, it was quite comfortable
not complaining when i get to wear a tank top in february!

found lots of little antique shops
jewelry shops
and cool looking bars
it was too early to actually stop in
but i bet they are fun to be in at happy hour!
and brought back some amazing honey & veggies from a farm stand

also came home with lots of desert inspiration
and made a new tissue box cover
i bought 3 more patterns
and am hoping to use more of my stash to make them!

** kit found here

fresh air

lots of changes around these parts!

just as i'm still getting settled in my new place
i will be moving.
not something i'm happy about
it's actually taken a fairly big toll on my nerves
...and wallet 

the positive about all this
i will be moving back home :)

i adore my family
and love spending as much time with them as possible

already looking forward to...
lots of chatting with my mom
lots more kitchen activities :)
helping my dad with stuff
lots more family dinners
lots of cuddle time with my mom's doggies too!


i can't believe it's been 11 whole months
since i've posted here!

this year has brought
so many twists & turns. ups and downs
found voices. and lost feelings
heartache and soul healing
new friends, old friends
new offices
new apartment

something else... instagram!!
in all its good and loveliness
it has definitely stolen
vast amounts of online time
but i love it!

this morning, as i type this
it's cold, grey, windy & rainy outside
the perfect day!
i'm looking for a new mantra
& i know i can always count on
tiny devotions for inspiration

**image from tiny devotions